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06th Sep 2017

This is the perfume that Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day

Have you heard of this?

Anna O'Rourke

Bet it smells expensive.

We all know that our sense of smell is connected to memory, which is why choosing a wedding day perfume is so meaningful for many brides.

You might like to go for something that reminds you of your childhood, your other half or even a family member, while others say you should get a new fragrance that will always take you back to the day you tied the knot.

We’re not sure what reasoning Kate Middleton went with for her big day back in 2011 but we do know which one she wore.

It was White Gardenia Petals by little-known British perfume brand Illuminum, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

The scent sold out soon after Clarence House confirmed that it was what the Duchess wore for the royal wedding.


The brand has a store in London, while online perfume site Fragrance X sells 100ml of White Gardenia Petals for €106.95.

It’s said to be a sweet, floral-based scent but the blogger WhatWouldKateDo tried it out and wasn’t impressed.

“In all honesty, it reminded me too much of a grandma’s perfume… Dipped in sugar,” the blogger wrote.