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26th Feb 2022

3 products that you might not know are great if you have post partum hair loss

Melissa Carton

Have you ever tried these?

I lost a lot of hair after having my daughter and I still have random bits of regrowth from areas that were once patches.

Over the last couple of years anytime I have heard that a hair product is great for hair regrowth I’ve thought ‘gimme’ but there are a couple of products I love that I don’t often see on lists.

If you’re also dealing with post partum hair loss and looking for some great products that really work then these are three that I highly recommend.

1.Klorane Strength shampoo and conditioner

The Klorane range is well known for giving you gorgeous hair but their Strength range is an absolute winner when it comes to post partum hair loss.

I saw a noticeable difference in my hair after a month of using it and I absolutely love that it has a matching conditioner as hair loss conditioners can be hard to come by.

Garnier shampoo bar ginger

Garnier launched their shampoo recently and when I read that the Ginger Recovery bar was great for revitalising hair and stimulating hair growth I had to try it.

With this shampoo I feel like it would probably work better for someone with straight hair, as my hair is quite textured making it a little tricky to use.

My husband who has had some hair loss took it over though and he’s seen an improvement in the volume of his hair.

Lush Wasabi shampoo

The Lush Wasabi shampoo is the first product I tried after having my daughter as I saw it recommended on so many parenting forums.

It hands down works the only downside is that it is quite expensive as shampoo goes costing between €21 and €45 depending on the size of the bottle.

One way to make it last longer is to use another, less expensive shampoo for most of your hair washing and use the Wasabi shampoo every second or third wash.

You’ll still feel the effects of the Wasabi shampoo but you’ll be able to stretch out how long its on your shelf too.