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06th Feb 2019

Sam Faiers just revealed her new BUBBLEGUM pink hair, and we actually love it

Rebecca O'Keeffe

LOVE this new look!

Sam Faiers’ beauty game is always on top – she has stunning hair and flawless makeup consistently.

And one thing we really love about Sam? She’s not afraid to mix things up when it comes to beauty.

Sure, just a few weeks ago she tried a loose perm – she was actually the first person to ever try this treatment.

Or at least that’s what her Instagram said.

And this week, the gorgeous mum is rocking a particularly risky new look.

Sam Faiers debuted bubblegum pink hair on her social media yesterday, and holy heck, we’re obsessed.

She looks like some sort of glorious princess Barbie, with the long pink locks.

Sadly though, the look is not permanent, it was a very impressive (and realistic) wig, Sam revealed.

“Today my name was Candy. I literally didn’t want to take this pink wig off,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also thanked her glam squad for making her look like a candy queen.

Sam’s followers and fans reacted to the pink hair like we did – they were obsessed.

“You look like Kylie Jenner in that wig, LOVE IT,” wrote one excited fan.

Another said: “What an absolute babe in and out! The pink hair seriously suits you.”

We’re kind of hoping that Sam makes this pink look a regular thing.