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07th Jan 2020

Skinmade has officially launched in Ireland, and it is the future of beauty ladies

Rebecca O'Keeffe

We’re so excited.

Your skin is as specifically unique as you are – and therefore deserves specifically unique love and attention.

Which is why I am so excited about the launch of Skinmade in Ireland.

Skinmade is the world’s first skincare brand to use advanced technology and artificial intelligence to listen to, measure and understand your skin’s individual needs.

Specific ingredients are then selected to offer products that are optimally designed for your skin only.

How cool is that?

There are many different factors that determine your skin’s current condition and challenges, like the weather, your stress-level (we blame you, January!), hormones and your lifestyle.

Skinmade’s scientists have developed an advanced, original biophysical skin reading system that captures exactly what your skin really needs.

This reading system, combined with the brand’s industry leading artificial intelligence, takes the data from your skin, translates it into a set of ingredients, freshly mixes up the formula and creates your personalised moisturiser. Skinmade offer beauty products made by your skin.

Speaking about the launch in Ireland, Skinmade’s founder, Dr. Lars Rüther, said:

“Originally we were working with this technology in the Fraunhofer-Institute in Germany, when we realised the potential to use this intelligence for personalised skincare.”


“Today we are absolutely at the forefront of this capability within the worldwide skincare industry. One day we will all look back and think it is crazy that we all used to use the same generic skincare products as each other, instead of having individual products that are designed specifically for us, by our own skin. Products that are Skinmade.”

When bringing their products to Ireland, Skinmade knew they needed to partner with a leading Irish skincare expert, and so a marriage was formed with renowned Irish skin therapist Eavanna Breen. An icon, let me tell you.

Speaking about the partnership, Eavanna said;

“I’m constantly travelling overseas in order to stay up to date with the worldwide skin industry’s latest updates and developments. Never have I been so impressed with a new product launch than when I first was introduced to the brand Skinmade.”

“The brand has the highest quality standards, strictly say no to parabens and mineral oil and only say yes to natural and body-distinct substances. I am particularly excited about the fact that this takes the guess work out of choosing a moisturiser for people. You now have the perfect moisturiser made by your own skin’s exact needs.”

So, how exactly does it work, I hear you ask?

The idea behind the brand is to acknowledge the skin as its own beauty and health expert.

You simply book a Skinmade reading in Akina Beauty Clinic, Skinmade’s first registered Irish reading clinic. The readings last just five minutes with your personalised products being developed in Germany and delivered to you within five working days.


And in a gorgeous turn of events, this process won’t bankrupt you!

The final personalised moisturiser cost is €55, which is beyond reasonable.