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30th Oct 2017

Woman suing cosmetics chain after contracting herpes from lipstick testers

She is now suing the company for emotional distress.

Orlaith Condon

One Sephora customer learned the hard way why you should never use the lipstick testers.

A woman from California is now suing Sephora after she claims a lipstick sample from the “common use” tubes on display gave her herpes on her lip.

The woman claims she was diagnosed by doctors and says she had never had herpes or cold sores before using the sample.

The lawsuit reveals that medical professionals believe Sephora failed to warn the woman and their customers about the dangers of using lipstick testers.

It also claims in the suit that other cosmetic companies have methods of avoiding the transmission of such diseases as herpes.

The woman claims Sephora cared more about making a sale than her safety and that of its other customers.

She is now suing the chain for emotional distress over an “incurable lifelong affliction” she now suffers from after using the lipstick tester.