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24th Aug 2019

3 cheap, healthy and easy dinners you can make with lentils (and why you should)


Trying to cut back on meat a little (or completely)?

Good for you. And your health. And the planet.

My point? We should all be trying to add more plant-based foods to our diet, but the problem? So many of us get a little lost when it comes to just what the heck to make when you take the meat out of the equation.

Enter lentils. These little guys are not only packed with fibre, proteins and healthy carbs, they are also chock-a-block with vitamins B and C and iron, and are just as flavorful, filling, and budget-friendly as beans.

Even better? Unike many beans, you do not need to pre-soak lentils, making them a far better choice for time-pressed families when it comes to quick and easy family dinners. And right now, we are loving the delicious sound of these three lentil dishes:

1. Black lentil and vegetable bolognese

The lentils work as replacement for the meat in the classic bolognese ragu – they both add protein and have a nice and soft, chewy consistency. We combine chopped and grated carrots to get a mix of textures.

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2. Coconut curry lentil soup

This recipe will be on repeat in our house all winter, I suspect.

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3. Spicy black bean and lentil chilli with guacamole and sweet potato fries

If you’re short on time, simply make the chili. If you do have some time though, make the fun toppings too. Either way it’s a beyond delicious, cozy winter meal!

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