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06th Jun 2021

3 super-easy, freezable dishes to bring along if you are visiting a new mum

freezable dishes perfect to bring along to a new mum

If you have ever given birth and arrived home from hospital with your brand new baby, you will know that getting into the kitchen to whip up dinner or tasty treats is probably last on a long list of things you would rather do.

Like sleep. Or snuggle with your bundle.

And that goes for all new mums. Which is shy, whenever you are invited over to someone’s house for a goo at the new arrival, you should make it your business to bring along some tasty meals for the new parents.

Healthy, nourishing and freezable dishes are the perfect way to welcome home a new mother.

Stuck for ideas on what to bring along? We got you:

1. Healthy & Quick Chili

This meaty chilli is not only easy to make, it is also easy peasy to reheat too. Simply put the container in some hot water to thaw and throw in the microwave for a quick, hot meal.

(For full recipe and instructions, head over to

2. Banana Muffins

Help the new mama fuel up in the morning with these really tasty muffins. PS: There are many add-ins that would work with these. Walnuts would be delicious.  Some coconut or chopped dried fruit might be nice too.

(For full recipe and instructions, head over to

3. Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna is one of those lifesaver dishes that every new parents’ freezer should be crammed with. We are loving this veggie version.

(For full recipe and instructions, head over to