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01st Jan 2021

3 super-healthy smoothies (with sneaky frozen cauliflower!) kids will actually drink

Trine Jensen-Burke

Worried about your kids not eating enough veggies?


Getting picky eaters to scoff their greens can be a bit of a headache – but as we all know – sometimes a little trickery is your best bet.

Like with these smoothies – that all have sneaky cauliflower in them – and yet the kids will never know.

We don’t know about you, but we call that a major parenting win.

1. Berry Ginger Zing Smoothie

Seriously – they can’t taste the veggies, and they won’t even know that they’re there.

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2. Peacy Vanilla Smoothie With Hidden Cauliflower

You won’t believe it, but the cauliflower blends in smoothly, doesn’t leave a funny taste, and is totally hidden by the sweetness of the peaches.

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3. A Really Good Cauliflower Smoothie

A sneaky mix of fruits and vegetables turns this smoothie into a deliciously tropical sip.

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