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15th Nov 2019

Baileys now sell festive chocolate reindeer to serve their booze inside

I'm literally drooling.

Denise Curtin

 Sweet mother.

Christmas is the season of overindulgence and Baileys – the undisputed festive drink, want to make sure you truly indulge by sipping their delicious, creamy booze from a chocolate cup.

And not just any chocolate cup (like we’re picky!) but, from a Baileys signature reindeer chocolate cup. Think of those Christmas Instas.

According to the Irish liqueur themselves, the milk chocolate reindeer is best enjoyed when filled with 50ml of Baileys and topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Again, sweet mother.

Lastly, add a gold paper straw and voila, you wouldn’t call the queen your aunt!

Now, side note… currently, the chocolate reindeer are only available in ASDA stores as a free gift when you spend £12 on a one-litre bottle of Baileys but, like all good things that get customers pumped, it won’t be long until we see these reindeer on the aisles of Tesco and Dunnes – well, fingers crossed.

But, while we’re on the topic of Baileys, last Christmas we covered a couple of Baileys-infused deserts that go down a treat every year.

From a Baileys’ espresso martini to apple pie, you know you want to. You’ll be the host with the most we can guarantee that.

You can check out those recipes here.

And as for the chocolate reindeer, if you see them in Irish stores before we do, tweet us @herdotie.