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02nd May 2018

Best breakfast smoothie EVER! Blitz this bad boy – feel full ’til lunchtime

Start the week on a healthy buzz


If your mornings are a dizzying whirlwind of ponytails and packed lunches then this super-easy breakfast smoothie is right up your street.

For most parents, mornings consist of a hurried few hours of getting the kids up and ready and out the door. Time for yourself, whether it’s it putting on your make-up or having breakfast, generally comes last on the list of priorities. But as the old adage goes – ‘You can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself.’

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kick-starting the metabolism and giving you a boost of energy from the get-go and this super smoothie is one the whole family can get on board with.


1 ripe avocado

1 banana

400ml apple juice/coconut water

¾ cup of oats

Table spoon of honey

3 table spoons Greek yogurt


Pop it in the blender until smooth and away you go. It’s that easy.

You can make this the night before or blender first thing in the morning. I usually put it in a flask to drink on the go and even give it to my daughter instead of porridge some mornings, making it a little thicker with by adding less liquid.

Lia Stokes is mama to one special little lady, Hailey. The Galway girl is very much at home in her adoptive city Dublin, but misses the wild west coast from time to time. A bigtime foodie, when she’s not reading stories or playing Peppa Pig, she can be found cooking, eating or reading about food. Luckily, her love of fitness and the outdoors helps cancel out some of the chocolate intake.