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31st Jan 2018

This brilliant bottle lock will keep your wine safe from your kids

Fantastic idea

Olivia Hayes

Well, isn’t this a glorious idea?

When you have kids, there are a few things that are inevitable; things will get broken, food will get smashed, bottles will be opened and drink will be spilled.

These kinds of circumstances are going to happen no matter how careful you are, and to be honest, we wouldn’t change any of it… well, except for our wine being spilled on the wooden floor and making it sticky for WEEKS.

But, now that problem can easily be fixed. Say hello to the bottle lock.

It’s a combination lock that you can secure on top of your bottle of wine (or prosecco, or any booze really) as a way to safeguard your alcohol from being opened/smashed/spilled by your kids.

The website description reads: “Lock in your three-digit combination (keys free) and keep the contents in your bottle safe and secure. Also can be used as a bottle stopper and wine preserve, multifunctional.”

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The lock can fit the tops of most wine, beer, and liquor bottle, so you know you’re safe for any occasion.

What’s more, it’s currently on sale on Amazon for around €3, so you might as well treat yo’self since Dry January is nearly over (not that we’re counting).