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15th Dec 2019

Chocolate hummus is surprisingly delicious and takes minutes to make


Denise Curtin

Weird flex but, OK.

The thought of chickpeas and chocolate blended together to be fair, sounds quite vile but, little did we know it’d produce the most gorge little snack for spreading on fruit, pretzels and crackers.

Perfect for when you’re hosting a dinner party, pigging out in the company of Netflix or packing bites for a hike, chocolate hummus might just before your new go-to dish.

A snack for a snack, am I right, ladies?


15oz chickpeas

5 tbsps maple syrup

3 tbsps cocoa powder

2 tbsps peanut butter

1 tbsps olive oil

1 tbsps brewed coffee

1 tsp salt


Blend all the ingredients together

Serve in a cute dish with strawberries, crackers and pretzels.


Images – Pinterest