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17th Jul 2021

This easy snack takes two minutes and will keep the kids full till dinner time

Melissa Carton

It can be hard to keep the kids full over the summer.

My two are constantly running around and playing, burning up lots of energy which means that they are always looking for snacks.

Finding a filling food that they will actually like can be tricky but I spotted a recipe recently that would do just the trick.

This simple snack will take less than two minutes to prepare and what’s even better you probably already have the ingredients at home.

Posted by The Ballerina Store who would know all about high-performance food as it’s the staple of any good dancer and athlete.

This simple recipe only requires a couple of ingredients, absolutely no cooking and a couple of minutes to make.

All you need are;

Whole grains wraps


Peanut butter

Simply spread some peanut butter to your wrap, add banana slices and then roll. Easy peasy.

All of the ingredients are foods rich in nutrients which are known to help make us feel fuller for longer so it will stop your child from getting peckish in between mealtimes.

If your child has a peanut allergy soy based alternatives like Wowbutter are a great way to make sure they don’t miss out on all the tasty treat fun.