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28th Oct 2020

Forget whipped coffee – teeny tiny pancakes are the latest quarantine food trend

Trine Jensen-Burke

mini pancake cereal

Need a culinary project for the long weekend?

Well, if you have already perfected your banana bread recipe, made your own sourdough starter and drunk your fair share of dalgona coffee, TikTok has come to the rescue with yet another food trend to try out.

Say hello to pancake cereal – AKA teeny tiny pancakes served as cereal. And honestly; we’re intrigued.

ICYMI – bowls of miniature pancakes slathered in syrup have been popping up all over social media, with the #pancakecereal hashtag receiving millions of views on both TikTok and Instagram.

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?Pancake Cereal!? Mini buttered pancakes topped with syrup is my new go-to breakfast dish ? Tag a #pancake lover! #PHAAT

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The best bit? Making these adorable little pancakes are pretty simple and straightforward. All you need is pancake batter (you’ll find a million recipes on Pinterest, no doubt) and something to squeeze it into tiny circles on a hot pan.

A piping bag will work, as will a clean ketchup- or other squirt-top bottle.

Sabrina Bui, who also posted a video of her pancake cereal on TikTok, used a plastic oral syringe that she found in her medicine cabinet.

“In my opinion, it tastes better than actual pancakes, even though it’s made the same way,” Bui told Insider. “It’s way more fun to eat it as cereal. I feel like I won’t go back to pancakes after this!”

The pancakes only need to cook a few minutes on each side before they’re poured into a bowl to enjoy. Many people have topped their pancake cereal with butter, maple syrup, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, and sprinkles, and some also added milk(!) The possibilities are pretty much endless, which means the batter possibilities are endless, too (we’re looking at you, Funfetti).

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Pancakes cereals : had to jump on that boat ? . I love pancakes, i love cereals : so to combine the two is just pure genius. I invented nothing, tik tok did ? . Just used my fav pancakes recipe and created mini ones and tada! Used an old ketchup bottle to do so, cleaned it and put the pancake mix inside. Then you squish a little mix on a hot pan and voilà :) . #whatsonmyplate : pancakes cereal. . I hope you are having a good day ? . 9 weeks inside, had to congrats myself with a bowl of cuteness ? . Pancakes façon céréales : je devais tester ça ? . J’adore les pancakes, j’adore les céréales : ce combo ne pouvait être qu’un délice! Je n’ai rien inventé, c’est tik tok qui l’a fait! ??‍♀️? . J’ai utilisé ma recette de pancakes préférée et j’ai juste créé des mini-pancakes! J’ai utilisé un ancien tube de Ketchup, que j’ai nettoyé bien sûr avant, vous transvidez la pâte à l’intérieur et dans une poêle chaude, vous créez des mini pancakes, ça va tous seul et c’est super facile! . 9 semaines à rester chez moi, il fallait célébrer ça ??♥️ . Beau dimanche, profitez du soleil ☀️ .

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