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10th Jul 2018

Galaxy has just launched salted caramel biscuits and oh my goodness GIMMIE


Denise Curtin

Today is officially my “cheat day” because I’ve found biscuits worth breaking the healthy pledge for.

As I countdown to my summer holliers (20 days), I am trying, I mean really hard to eat healthily or at least, just cut out all the chocolate I so daily overindulge in.

But the problem is, it’s SO HARD.

Especially when smart chocolate creators know that we are trying to turn a blind eye to their delicious sweet treats in favour of kale which tastes worse than the word KALE sounds. Yep, they’re on to us and so, KEEP creating new products that make us weak at the knees, caving and scoffing down while debating whether we are Team Georgia or Team Laura.

And look, we are all for living life and no regrets so, excuse us while we PIG OUT on this latest batch of delish biscuits from Galaxy.

The makers of the most creamy, delish chocolate have just gone and created SALTED caramel biscuits.

I mean can you cope?

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And the best news, according to The Sun, they are now available in ALL leading supermarkets nationwide. Get in!

This follows on from the news that Maltesers have brought out boxes of “Maltesers Truffles”. Yep, you just need to see these here. Talk about MOREISH.