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14th Jan 2021

The genius TikTok wrap hack that is about to save your homeschool lunchtime

Trine Jensen-Burke

It’s a popular choice for lunchboxes around the globe.

And now, it seems, the humble tortilla wrap has gotten a rather epic makeover that’ll make you want to prepare yours this way too forevermore.

Bonus? It is totally easy and mess-free too!

This genius food hack is taking social media by storm after appearing on TikTok recently – and boy, did it catch on! Within hours of being posted on ‘Crystals Cooking Fun’s’ TikTok account, thousands had liked and commented on the hack, with the cast majority saying they were simply blown away by how clever this is.

Explained simply, the wrap hack involves placing four different ingredients in each quarter of a tortilla, and making a slit in the wrap between two of the quarters. Then, you fold one of those quarters over another and so on, until you’re left with a delicious triple-decker, triangle-shaped sarnie. Simple but SO satisfying!

To really make the most of your wrap, try putting it in waffle maker or crisp it up in a frying pan – if you have added cheese, this will become delicious gooey treat.

We got to admit, we are loving TikTok for all the delicious food trends this past year. Remember those whipped coffees we were all making back at the start of this lockdown? Or the tiny pancakes? YUM.

The best bit about this wrap hack? There really isn’t any right or wrong way. I’ve since seen Tiktokers make both sweet or savory versions, and honestly, 2021 is looking up.

Social media being social media, it didn’t take long for the trend to spread, of course, and soon, videos of similar tortilla hacks were popping up all over both Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook. And we are loving all the delicious ideas:


Se dette innlegget på Instagram


Et innlegg delt av COCINA SALUDABLE ? (@cocinasaludablefit)

The internet, it seemed, went nuts for this yummy hack, and even top cooks like Nadiya Hussain (GBBO winner) showed on her Instagram how she was giving the the technique a try.


Se dette innlegget på Instagram


Et innlegg delt av Nadiya (@nadiyajhussain)

Having seen the post, Fans commented on her tasty combo, with other parents sharing what ingredients they’ve used.

@yummymummy_ldn: ‘Love these wrap sandwiches at the moment…. Just found a sweet one with raspberries and Nutella which sounds heaven’

@sparklesbeauty__95: ‘Me and the kids been obsessed, we put cheese and pesto ❤️’

@traceychorley: ‘We have these on our meal plan this week!’

@vmeansbusiness: ‘I just did a tuna mix, spinach, tomatoes and cheese one today. This is the best invention ever!’

There’s also a breakfast version and delish dessert flavours you can make the wraps with … BRB, trying this ASAP!