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01st Dec 2019

Grazing tables are the new stress-free way to host a crowd this Christmas season

Trine Jensen-Burke

Grazing tables

Having guests this festive season?

December is here, and to most of us, that means a social calendar that is far busier than all the other months of the year put together.

And if you are hosting a party this Christmas, or attending one and have promised to bring along something, I have two words for you: Grazing table.

Seriously, your entertainment game is about to get upped – a lot. While also make your life a whole heck of a lot easier.

A grazing table, also called a feasting table, ia great because it let guests casually mingle over drinks and bites as they pick on meat, cheeses, fruits, and other simple finger-foods. And, with ta little bit of styling, they can also look seriously striking.

I mean  – is it any wonder Pinterest reports that searches grazing tables are up 153%.

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Colours of the Rainbow ? by @grapeandfig

Et innlegg delt av G R A P E & F i g (@grapeandfig)

And guys – to put it in simple terms, a grazing table is basically a very OTT charcuterie board. Think a board, or table, completely covered with a mix of breads, cheese, meat, fruit, nuts, jams, raw vegetables, dips and basically anything else “snack-able.”

The trend has been doing the rounds in the catering world over the past few months, and the idea is not necessarily to fill a full plate, but rather have guests graze throughout the party – saving you having to cook up an actual main course. This is a party of appetizers, and it looks pretty darn delicious, I think you’ll agree.

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platters galore this weekend. just add wine babes ?

Et innlegg delt av G R A P E & F i g (@grapeandfig)

And the best bit? You don’t even have to stick to “evening food” like meats and cheeses. Nope, you can also throw, for instance, a brunch and serve up the most delicious grazing table of fruits, berries, cereals, yoghurts, nuts, juices, waffles, pancakes and any other brunch related foods you can think of:

(Image via

How to Build a Grazing Table

Fancy giving a grazing table a go this festive season? Building a grazing table has a LOT of flexibility in supplies and ingredients. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Keep it fresh

Sourcing local, fresh produce is key! Make friends with your local farmer’s market. Their passion for fresh and seasonal produce will give your board an authentic edge.

2. Know your theme

Choose a theme and stick with it. Whether you go for rustic, boho, art deco or modern contemporary, be clear with your direction and choose blooms, foliage, lighting and props to complement this style.

3. Add colour

Remember we eat with our eyes, so using a variety of colours is essential in creating a visual masterpiece. Select produce in different colours and intersperse with greenery and fresh florals to add texture.

4. Use varying heights

Add interest to your board by using different heights. Place produce both on and around props such as wooden boxes or metal baskets, depending on your theme. This helps grazers easily access all areas of your board, as well as showcasing your curated cuisine.

5. Invite everyone to dig in

Now for the most important part: pour a glass of wine, serve yourself some cheese, sit back and enjoy your creation with your nearest and dearest.