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12th Aug 2018

Healthy lunchboxes: 3 delicious energy balls even the kids will eat

Need to trick your kids into eating something healthy?

Trine Jensen-Burke

Sick of the kids coming home with half their (by now soggy) lunch still in their lunchbox?

Yup, I feel you.

I am forever trying to come up with sneaky ways to try and get my children to eat the healthty lunches I pack for them for creche and school – yet so often, they come home pretty much untouched.

Recently, though, I came across some yummy “bliss ball” – or energy ball if you will – recipes on Pinterest, and decided to give them a go – and guys; these went down a treat.

My children came home delighted with their “treat” and I mentally high-fived myself knowing they had consumed a healthy and energy-boosting snack for lunch.

Talk about parenting win.

Fancy trying these yourself? There are tons of recipes on Pinterest, but just to save you time, I have road-tested these three, and they are all super-yummy and insanely easy to throw together:

1. Banana Oat Balls

These are so super easy to make,  and only require ingredients you are likely to have on hand. Tip: Double the recipe, these will go fast.

Find the yummy recipe here.

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls

All you need is a food processor or high-speed blender, and you’ll be biting into these soft, cookie-dough-like protein balls in a matter of minutes.

Find the utterly irresistible recipe here.

3. No-Bake Carrot Snack Balls

Have you ever ate a carrot cake and didn’t even tell it had carrots in it? Well, these homemade carrot balls are the same. You (especially KIDS) won’t be able to tell what’s in it, so use this opportunity and put the healthiest things that kids would normally wouldn’t eat.

Find the delicious and easy-to-make recipe here.