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11th Apr 2018

KitKat has launched three delicious new flavours and they come in mini sizes


The perfect treat.

KitKat are on a roll recently, yesterday, the news broke that their divine “millennial pink“, four fingered chocolate bar was coming to Ireland finally, hurrah!

And now, they have launched a brand new chocolate box featuring three flavours of mini KitKat senses. The new mini bars from Nestlé are kinda like a KitKat Chunky, but bite sized and with an indulgent layer of filling.

I was lucky enough to taste test these delicious treats earlier this week and each filling is better than the next. You can choose from Salted Carmel, Double Chocolate or Hazelnut. If I was to do a definitive ranking, I would say Salted Carmel was my fave (you could easily eat a whole box of them in one sitting), Hazelnut secondly and then finally, Double Chocolate.

Each box contains approximately 20 minis and opens up to create a sharing platter for you and your mates. Now “sharing platter” can be taken with a pinch of salt because I ate the whole thing to myself over the course of the day (two hours to be honest).

It has been a busy start to the year for KitKat and we cannot wait to see what’s in store next!

Yum! You can purchase the KitKat Senses box nationwide for €5.99*

*Price at each stores discretion.