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25th Dec 2018

Leftover chocolate? The kiddies will adore making these honeycomb cornflake bites


Denise Curtin

In the mood for a spot of quick baking?

If you’re like us, then you’re currently surrounded by wrappers and sweet treats to beat the band. We’ve eaten our body weight in Tayto crisps, we’ve had enough prosecco to do us until 2025 and now, we’re thinking of something creative to do with all that leftover choccy.

Thanks to Tesco, we’ve found a handy recipe for making cornflake bites that literally take only the ingredients in your house. It will turn those chocolate bars into a cute snack for teatime and the kids will adore helping out too. Fun for everyone.

We’ve added our own touch to the recipe and it’s simply moreish.



You can check out the recipe over on Tesco here. And simply when adding the Crunchie (which we’ve picked out of the endless selection boxes in the house) – add it last just before you spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases.

And lastly, once set and cool – remove the cornflake cakes from the casings and break into large clusters – pop on a cute serving plate and enjoy at teatime.

Images – Pinterest