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30th Aug 2018

Lunch Box Hacks: How to WOW your kids with a fun filled, healthy lunch

Brought to you by Costcutter.

It’s that time of year again.

Well mums, summer is well and truly over, and you know what that means.

The return of the school runs, the homework and the packed lunches… oh the joys.

It can get a little dull, packing a school lunch day in day out, especially for the little ones we’re feeding.

That’s where we come in!

We have looked all over the Internet for lunch box inspiration, and have come up trumps.

There’s so many things you can do to get your kiddos excited about a fun and healthy lunch.

Check out our favourite lunch box hacks here…

1: Think outside the sambo.

I know, I know – sandwiches are easy to make, and reasonably nutritious and filling. However, there’s more to life than ham and cheese!

We actually love the idea of a healthy quesadilla for lunch boxes. Grab yourself some wraps at your local Costcutter, and follow this delicious recipe for a delicious and fun lunch time treat.

2: Get creative.

Does your little one give out that their lunch is “booooooring”? Hey, it happens to everyone. One thing you can do to get them excited is to flex your artistic muscles. Why not try turning their sambo into an owl? Or cutting up their fruit into stars.

It can’t hurt…

3: Keep it fresh.

No lunch box is ever complete without a nice portion of fruit (Costcutter have a fabulous selection, fyi). However, fruit is not usually kid-friendly. If you want to make life easier, we recommend chopping up your apple, and literally putting it back together. Then, wrap it up with clingfilm, and it will stay fresh and ready to devour.

4: Try breakfast for lunch.

The most important meal of the day… times two! If you’re making a delicious breakfast, why not double up on the portions? I’m thinking things like boiled eggs, pancakes and all that other stuff.

5: Drinks are key.

Never EVER underestimate the power of a juice drink. They’re handy, they’re healthy and the kids really love them. My recommendation is (and always will be) Ribena. I loved it as a young one, and all other kiddies love it too. Plus – it has fruit in it!

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