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26th Jun 2021

This nifty TikTok hack turns a bottle of Corona into a delicious summer cocktail

Trine Jensen-Burke

Meet Corona Sunrise – the easiest summer cocktails there ever was

Whipped coffee, feta pasta – TikTok has brought us some really fun and delicious new food trends over the past year.

And hot on the heels of these comes this latest fad – which we think might just be the best one yet.

Meet Corona Sunrise – the easiest, most summerly and delicious cocktail you’ll ever make – and the best it? It involves zero mess and no cleaning up after!

Ready to see your bottle of ice-cold Corona beer in a whole new way?

@kendogkennyY’all need to try this now ? #coronasunrise♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

Forget about the notion of not mixing beer and hard booze – this is a must-try!

All you need is a bottle of Corona, a dash tequila, some orange juice, a drop of grenadine, and a lime wedge. Into your beer bottle it goes (just make sure to do like in the video, take a few sips of your beer first – to make room for the extra ingredients!).

Grenadine, if you are wondering, is a sweet, tart syrup used in lots of different cocktails, both for the taste, but also for the pretty red colour it adds.

Give your concoction a little swirl, add a straw – and voila – Corona Sunrise.

Needless to say, we’ll be trying to trick ASAP – and of course, this is even more perfect to test out if you are expecting guests over tonight!