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10th Nov 2017

Nutritionist says it’s better to eat TWO burgers, than a burger and chips

Take note for your next trip to McDonald's...

Olivia Hayes

Well, we’re not going to complain about this.

While most of the time nutritionists warn us against eating fast food, this woman is encouraging us to eat two burgers, instead of one burger and fries.

And while you may think this is bad advice, she assures us that it’s not about the calories (it’s more or less if you eat both), but rather the composition of the food.

Onion Rings Roasted Meat Burger

Nutritionist Emily Field, explains that the protein in a burger keeps you full, while carbohydrates give you energy, and fat helps you absorb vitamins and minerals.

So, if you eat two burgers, you’re getting more amounts of these, which will keep you fuller for longer, and also stop you binging later in the day.

She told Business Insider: “I want people to be able to approach any food, any situation, and know that they can still make a responsible choice for their body.”

Good to know for the next time we make a McDonald’s dash.