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23rd Feb 2018

Oh my! You can now buy a giant Cadbury egg loaded with Daim pieces


Denise Curtin

Easter, come at me!

Cadbury has released a new egg and TBH it trumps all previous eggs ever created EVER.

Not only is this egg massive, it is filled with pieces of Daim chocolate similar to the popular Cadbury and Daim chocolate bar. Drool.

And if the egg isn’t big enough itself, you get a large sharing bar too… to you know… pretend you will share with your friends but ultimately eat alone with a bottle of wine and Netflix. The DREAM if you ask me.

And the best news of all? The egg is now available nationwide in most leading supermarkets. Hurrah!

Alongside the Daim egg, Cadbury has released a fruit and nut egg too – once again similar to the fruit and nut bar and loaded with pieces of… you guessed it, fruit and nut.

We are literally salivating over the thoughts of these eggs! Oh my!

And just yesterday, we released all the deets on a GIN egg and a PROSECCO egg, yep, chocolate combined with our favourite tipple – this is going to be some Easter. We already have an essential 12 eggs on our list, and rightly so!