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03rd May 2017

The one fruit that works wonders for your digestive health

Cathy Donohue

Does it feature on your shopping list?

When it comes to fruit and superfoods, it’s hard to beat the humble blueberry for its range of nutritional benefits.

However, in order to take good care of your digestive system, you should be stocking up on mango.

Not only is the fruit delicious and brings the summer beach vibe to your kitchen, new research says that upping your mango intake can help replenish the ‘good bacteria’ that’s sometimes lost when your diet isn’t quite as healthy as it should be.

According to My Domaine, the study involved feeding a group of male rats mango powder, which showed that levels of good bacteria improved in addition to fighting gut inflammation.

As reported in the Journal of Nutrition study, “mango is high in fibre and has been reported to have anti-obesogenic, hypoglycemic, and immunomodulatory properties”.

So to sum it up, upping your mango intake will help to promote gut health AND ensure you’re getting the ‘good bacteria’ you need to fight inflammation.

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