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12th Nov 2022

People are shocked after discovering what the HP stands for on HP sauce

Tobi Akingbade

One of life’s deepest questioned answered.

What may have been an obvious revelation to some, is brand new information to others.

That’s correct – people are just finding out that they have never know what the HP stands for on HP sauce.

The delicious, tangy brown condiment is favourite in British and Irish meals, however people have not stopped to think twice about what’s behind the name – unless they already know.

There are clues on the bottle, though.

A standard bottle will have the two letters emblazoned on the top in big, white writing, while Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster sits below in blue.

In short, it stand for Houses of Parliament.

The revelation was trending following a post on Reddit, where a helpful person broke down the meaning behind the famous label.

(Picture: Getty Images)

But that’s not the only huge brand name that people are learning more about recently.

Catching many online users off guard, one person said: “What? Does it really mean that?”

Another added: “I didn’t know that, it seems obvious now, but also incredibly weird as a brand name.”

A third said: “Not until just now I didn’t. I’m 47.”

This isn’t the only think people have *just* realised.

Ever wondered why biro lids have holes in them?

For many it’s a question that has puzzled their minds, but there is actually an obvious(ish) explanation.

While some people think it’s to do with the flow of the ink, the real reason is actually even more necessary for our survival.

According to Bic, the hole is an important safety feature.


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