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09th Dec 2017

There is a reason your baby prefers one breast over the other

There might be a few reasons actually.

Jade Hayden


Or a few reasons, actually.

Maybe you’ve got a baby.

Maybe you breastfeed that baby.

Maybe that baby prefers one breast over the other when he or she is having their evening meal.

If they do, it turns out that there’s actually a few reasons behind it.

According to midwife Cath Curtin, some mothers actually lactate better in one breast over the other.

On podcast, Year One, she said:

“For some women, one (breast) is really big and one is really small.

“I’ve looked after women whose breast tissue has only developed on one side and they’ve breastfed babies really well on the one side.”


However, your baby could also prefer one breast to the other because of the shape of the nipple itself.

Curtin said that if a baby tends to fuss a lot on one particular breast, it could be because one of the nipples is different to the other.

Or maybe your baby just feels more comfortable with his or her head angled a certain way.

Whatever the story, there most likely is a reason or two as to why your baby prefers one breast over the other.