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14th Jun 2018

The secret breakfast ingredient that will start your day off right

Cathy Donohue

When it comes to breakfast, we tend to feel virtuous about the fact that we’ve managed to make it at all.

However grabbing a coffee and cereal bar isn’t exactly the best way to start off and if you can make time for a healthy meal in the morning, it can set you up for the day.

Roshini Raj, MD, an expert in Gastroenterology who also happens to have her own skincare line that focuses on the power of probiotics, has explained how to make a perfect yoghurt parfait.

In conversation with Byrdie, she explained how she uses non-fat plain Greek yoghurt, berries and low-fat granola…none of which are groundbreaking but there is one secret, and very specific, ingredient.

Roshini adds some flax seed powder to make sure she’s starting the day off with some healthy fats and to be fair, this is an idea we all get on board with.

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