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28th Apr 2015

That’s Bananas: Here’s some stuff you didn’t know about your favourite yellow snack

The banana: Technically, it's not even a fruit...

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Packed with potassium and housed in their own natural wrapper, bananas are widely accepted as the perfect nutritious snack, but there’s plenty of fascinating information about this giant herb (yep, technically it’s an herb) that we DIDN’T know.

Named after the Arabic word “banan”, meaning finger, the banana arrived in this part of the world in 1888. The Cavendish variety of banana we eat nowadays however is very different to the Gros Michel bananas people consumed even 60 years ago.

In this interesting little video, Hank from SciShow gives us the banana breakdown in just four minutes.

banana 2

We don’t know about you but now we’re bummed we’ll never get to try a Gros Michel. Sigh.