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03rd Aug 2016

The Latest Avocado Trend Is PROOF That The Avocado Has Gone TOO FAR

Sophie White

We’ve hit peak avocado. It used to know its place. It was a tasty topping, an upmarket addition to a salad but now the the clean eaters favourite has lost the run of itself entirely.

It’s become practically a fetish for Instagram-snappers and the pathological clean eaters. The avocado is like that friend who’s recently taken up CrossFit; it used to be fun but now just takes itself way too seriously. The fact that the avocado has conned us out of €8 for mashing itself on toast is evidence enough that the time for a backlash has come.

Avocado has been masquerading as healthy chocolate mousse, slipping itself into smoothies and now this:

Behold the avo bun. Fueling the backlash will surely be this latest grotesque avocado concoction. Amsterdam-based food stylist and photographer has masterminded this breakfast burger using an entire avocado as the bun. The rest of her Instagram is full of incredible drool-worthy creations but we just can’t get behind this one.

You gone too far avocado.

What do YOU think of the avo bun: delicious protein-filled purveyor of a pattie or an absolute mess on your hands?


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