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28th Dec 2015

The top 10 foodie reads of 2015

Sophie White

When it comes to food, whether it’s decadent gin and tonic cupcakes or healthy lunch ideas to balance them, the team are all over it. If we’re not eating at the desk than we are usually talking about food. Luckily, our readers seems to share our passion!

We checked out some of our most-read foodie hacks and recipes from the past year, and found that along with healthy swaps and simple fast recipes we found a LOT of emphasis on peanut butter. And why the hell not? It’s pure delight and crazy good with chocolate… *gets distracted by thoughts of peanut butter…*

Here are ten of our most popular foodie stories, tips and hacks from 2015:

1. 3 ingredient pancakes that the kids will flip for…


2. Want to cut down on carbs and still have chips and mash? Check out our genius carb swaps.


3. Three words: Ferrero. Rocher. Brownie. You’re welcome!


4. Can’t get from one meal to the next without munching on something? Us neither. Here’re 15 snacks for under 50 calories to curb those cravings.


5. We cannot stand to waste food, here’re 10 brilliant tricks for keeping food fresh and saving you money.


6. Healthy fudge sounds like an oxymoron but not with this delicious and crazy simple recipe.


7. Need to make a week’s worth of baby food in one hour? Done and done.


8. Simplify your life: 5 dinners all using just 3 ingredients to inspire you.


9. Getting on a health kick this January? You won’t believe this tasty Indian feast is actually low cal.


10. And last but definitely not least, the GIANT Reese’s peanut butter cup recipe that means our lives will never be the same again.