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19th Oct 2016

There’s A New Flavour Of M&M On The Way…

Katie Mythen-Lynch

It’s always difficult to improve on a classic, but the hard working folk at M&Ms Headquarters might have succeeded. 

Mars, the long-time purveyors of chocolately treats have just announced their latest incarnation: the caramel-filled M&M.

Introducing a new fan favorite. Are you excited for your first taste?

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The brand is no stranger to mixing things up every now and again. Other flavours besides the classic milk chocolate include dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanuts, almonds, peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut and strawberried peanut butter.

Coffee Nut, Birthday Cake and Ice Cream Cookies also made appearances at various stages.


According to the official M&M’S Instagram page, the new flavour will hit shelves across the USA in May, 2017. While there is no news on when, exactly, they will reach Europe, we’ll be putting in our Duty Free orders with mates visiting the States this spring.