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20th Jun 2016

There’s a New Wine on the Way… And It’s BLUE

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Next time the waiter asks you ‘red or white?’, tell him there’s another option you might like to consider.

A Spanish winemaker has invented an electric blue wine, and it’s popping up in shops across Europe.

Gïk is the brainchild of six young entrepreneurs, working with the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnalia (the food research department of the Basque Government).

Born to unlearn. Lead, don’t follow ? ————————- #BlueWine #GikLive #VinoAzul #Revolution #BlauerWein

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All in their twenties, no member of the team has a family link to the wine sector. In fact, they are adamant they don’t even like traditional wine, nor the rules and guidelines of wine tasting.

But what does this mysterious blue liquid taste like?

According to its creators the blend of red and white grapes has a “sweet and fresh taste” they recommend enjoying nicely chilled, below 13º C, but Gïk’s inventors are at pains to let you know that there are no rules when it comes to consuming their indigo vino:

“You won’t need to attend a wine appreciation tasting course to enjoy the blue wine, since it’s taste makes it so easy to appreciate.” explains the website. “Moreover, while most wines follow the ancestral traditions and inherited rules that make wine drinking so complicated, Gïk has none. You set your own rules and decide when, where, how and with whom you want to toast with a glass of Gïk.

“Drinking Gïk is not just about drinking blue wine; you are drinking innovation. You are drinking creation. You are breaking the rules and creating your own ones. You are reinventing traditions.”

We can’t wait to rock up to our next dinner party with a bottle under each arm.

Intrigued? Gïk hasn’t reached our shores yet but it can be purchased here.