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12th Mar 2017

Baileys just released a boozy coffee and no, you are not dreaming

Cathy Donohue

Baileys Iced Coffee has landed.

Yep, Baileys in a can is happening.

There are two flavours, Baileys Iced Mocha and Baileys Iced Latte, both of which sound delicious.

What are they made of?

Two coffee blends (Arabica and Robusta), milk, cocoa for the mocha and of course, the special ingredient, Baileys Irish Cream.

There’s a single serving of Baileys with a 4% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) in each can so this is what you might call a ‘boozy coffee’.

They’ve just landed in the UK and apparently, they’re due in Ireland soon.

As you can see from these Instagram posts, people are loving them and apparently they taste similar to espresso martinis… (YUM).

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