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13th Oct 2020

Trying to cut back on coffee? Here is the one smoothie you need in your life

Trine Jensen-Burke

Coconut and cacao smoothie

After having completed a detox recently (a 3-day juice cleanse, as it happens), I am sorry to say that staying away from coffee did not work for me.

I mean; I have two young children and a full-time busy job; let’s face it; I would not make it from morning to bedtime sans caffeine completely. What I have been doing, however, is trying to cut back a little when it comes to my coffee. Like; way back to only one or two a day (which, in my case, is a 50 percent drop in coffee consumption).

And what has made this possible, I think, is this delicious smoothie I have been whizzing up in my Nutribullet every morning. The cacao is an instant pick-me-up, something I guess takes the sting out of the coffee cravings, while the coconut milk, banana and hempseed give me the power to barrel through even the most hectic of mornings.

Oh, and it totally tastes like a chocolate banana milkshake – which I consider a total win/win.

Banana, Coconut & Cacao Smoothie with Hempseeds

For full list of ingredients and instructions, head over to

*Feel free to sub in almond milk or your normal “milk substitute” in place of water + coconut milk.