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17th Sep 2018

Vegan Magnum ice creams exist, and they actually look delicious

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Holy heck!

For anyone that had ever gone vegan you will know how hard it is.

Sure, you’re doing it for the right reasons – but there are things you miss.

Cheese, honey, chocolate and pretty much all that good stuff.

The hardest thing to leave behind when you enter your new vegan life? Ice cream.

Ice cream is the absolute business, and now, there’s a vegan kind.

vegan magnum

And not just a random shitty dairy free lad.

It’s made by Magnum, so you know it’s good shit.

Thats right folks! Magnum has just launched a range of plant-based ice cream just for vegans.

A pack of three will set you back about four quid from Tesco, and you can choose from classic chocolate or almond flavours.

vegan magnum

Talking about the exciting new launch, Magnum said:

“Why should those who have a vegan diet miss out on the pleasure of Magnum? The new Magnum Vegan Classic ice cream – a velvety vegan ice cream, dipped in delicious real chocolate.”

“The delicious and velvety plant based ice cream has a balanced flavour and provides the indulgence of a classic Magnum, but without the dairy ingredients. Being a plant based ice cream, the new Magnum Vegan is suitable for Vegans and certified by the European Vegetarian Union.”

Does it taste as good as the real thing? Unlikely.

But sure, it’s an option.