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17th Sep 2015

WATCH: This Dad’s 4-minute Summer ice cream recipe is GENIUS


Kudos to this genius dad – his video has the coolest DIY ice cream recipe we have ever seen. 

He claims there is not a crafty bone in his body, yet he can make homemade ice cream in a freezer bag with his three children sitting alongside him, in just a few minutes. Anticipating some (any) Summer weather, you need to try this one out – it’s super-quick and super-simple.

What you need:

Simple ingredients

2 sizes of ziplock freezer bags: 1 gallon size and 1 quart size

1/2 cup of rock salt

2 tbsp baker’s sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 cup of cow’s/goat’s/coconut/almond milk

A bag of ice

Easy method

Add all ingredients to the quart ziplock bag, starting with the milk.

Strawberries, bananas, any other fruit or a chocolate mix can be added here to change the flavour of your ice-cream.

Shake it baby…

Half fill the larger ziplock bag with ice and equal amounts of rock salt.

Insert the sealed small ziplock bag into the large ziplock bag.

And… shake!

In under five minutes, ice-cream forms and it is instantly edible. Take a look…

If you’ve got an incredible flash recipes to share email: I am definitely stealing this one as my new, awesome party trick.