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21st Sep 2017

Turns we’ve been cracking eggs wrong all this time

No way.

Jade Hayden

Who among us doesn’t love a good egg?

Scrambled, fried, poached, in an omelette – so many variations and yet so little time.

But there is one thing about the ol’ egg that does make the whole experience a little *ahem* hard to swallow… and that’s when a little piece of shell ends up in your food.

There are fewer things worse in this world than munching away on a delicious fry only to feel that ominous crunch as your teeth slide through a rogue piece of shell that snuck its way into your meal.

It’s rude and we don’t really want to tolerate it anymore.

As it turns out, this actually happens because we’ve been cracking eggs open wrong for our entire lives.

According to the Daily Meal, we shouldn’t be smashing our eggs on the sides of bowls or pans.

When this happens, the egg’s shell cracks open inwards, meaning that the little pieces of shell get themselves mixed in with the contents of the egg.

Instead, the Daily Meal says that we should be cracking our eggs open on flat surfaces like countertops.

They say:

“One sharp tap on a hard table is all it takes, compromising the integrity of the shell and allowing you to then drop the egg into an awaiting vessel.”

Then, supposedly, no rogue pieces of shell end up in our “vessel,” which is, of course, good news for our morning omelette.