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12th Sep 2021

If you haven’t melted a Lindt chocolate ball into your coffee, you are missing out

Lindt chocolate coffee

We are smack bang in the middle of pumpkin spice season.

But before you go running to your nearest Starbucks, we might have just discovered a hot, sweet beverage that’ll put the PSL to shame.

Feast your eyes on the Lindt chocolate coffee – and we dare you not to want to go make yourself one right this minute.


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Et innlegg delt av S A M A N T H A W I L L S (@samanthawills)

Basically, all you need here is a few Lindt chocolate balls and a coffee machine.

Unwrap two or three chocolate balls and add them to the bottom of your coffee cup, add one last chocolate ball onto a lollipop stick and position it over the coffee cup so that the drip from the coffee machine hits it.

Then simply press the ‘on’ button on your coffee machine, and watch as the hot coffee slowly drips onto the chocolate ball, melting it into your cup. Next, steam some milk, and pour it into your now very chocolate-y coffee.

And voila – the most decadent, delicious coffee you have ever had.