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12th Aug 2023

This super-healthy smoothie is packed with goodness your kids will love



For the little ones who hate veggies!!

If you have children who are not overly fond of vegetables, this could be of some major help.

I quickly discovered that when it comes to getting some extra vegetables and even fruit into my kids, smoothies are my best bet.

They taste sweet, look fun – and really, you can hide all sorts of healthy stuff in there – and they’ll never even know. Hah!

The thing is – the world really is your oyster here, and you can experiment away to come up with a flavour/flavours your kids love, but take my advice on this.

Try to pick just a few ingredients each time, and limit your veggies to one or two per smoothie, or you might struggle to get a texture or flavour your kids will actually drink.

And much as I love green smoothies personally – and have finally gotten my little girl to love them too – to kids, green is a pretty ‘suspicious’ colour, and you might want to start with something that looks less healthy.

Want to try adding some veggies to your kids’ smoothies? Here is a formula I follow that seems to work:

Healthy smoothie with veggies

Milk (I use oat milk or kefir sometimes too)

A drop of freshly squeezed orange juice

1 ripe banana (I often use a frozen one, as this makes the smoothie extra cold and creamy)

A handful of berries (or a sweet fruit like peaches or pear)

1 veggie (for instance beetroot with raspberry, or cauliflower rice with peach or avocado with pear)

A handful of oats

1 teaspoon coconut oil (for some healthy fats)

Now: Blend well, so that texture-wise it resembles a milkshake and tastes super-creamy

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