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25th Nov 2021

Tried and tested : how well do ECOEGG laundry eggs work for family washes

Melissa Carton

Can it really handle all the stains that kids bring home?

My goal over the next few weeks (and hopefully permanently) is to cut down on waste in as many ways as possible.

This includes what I use to clean around the house.

Many washing up liquids and tabs come in plastic containers and usually only do about 30 washes.

This means that hundreds if not thousands of hard plastic containers are going to landfill every day as a result.

Recently I came across a more environmentally friendly solution to getting the laundry done.

It came in the form of an ECOEGG so I decided to buy one for €12 and see if it could really take on my family’s washing.

I was actually lucky to get one at all as the Spring Blossom scented one I picked up was the last one available to buy online.

The ECOEGG (which is suitable for vegans and not tested on animals) comes with four sachets of pellets (three white and one black) that are poured into the egg.

The natural mineral pellets are lightly fragranced with natural oils and are gentle on sensitive skin so it’s perfect if you have young children on babies.

I love the idea of the ECOEGG but like any mum I did wonder if it would be able to tackle the tough stains that occur in my home on a regular basis so I gave it a spin yesterday and this is how I got on.

I put in a load of washing stained with everything from chocolate to jam and I was really pleased with the results.

I know the change in natural light to artificial light makes my hoody look a slightly different colour but I promise it’s the same hoody and yes the jam stain (that my two-year-old kindly wiped on me) is completely gone.

It has also left my washing feeling really soft. Even better there isn’t an over powering artificial scent on the clothes.

There’s been several brands of detergent that have left me with migraines because that leave over whelming scents on my clothing but the ECOEGG just leaves them smelling clean which is perfect for me.

I would highly recommend the ECOEGG (which will work for up to 70 washes) and I’m so glad that it actually works because I was genuinely worried that it wouldn’t hold up.