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14th May 2021

If you have word art in your home, you’re tacky, according to this…

Laura Grainger

word art

How else are we supposed to Live, Laugh, Love?

If your house is full of the aul “think positive” or “home is where the heart is” signage, you might wanna consider a re-vamp.

So says interior design expert Zoe Warren to, anyway.

According to her, plaques and posters that read generic phrases about love, home and family lack character and look “tacky.”


word art tacky

Though word art has been around for years – and probably will be for many more – Zoe says it’s time to “choose something which fits with your décor and overall aesthetic of the room.”

Please excuse us while we swap our store-bought lettering for some Etsy prints.

It’s not just word art Zoe advises be cast away though. On top of suggesting vertical blinds be left at the office, she also wants us to part ways with nautical themes, seashells, magnolia and even wicker, all of which she says date our homes.

Might as well knock our whole house down, while we’re at it.