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25th Aug 2021

I tried it for the teens: this shampoo is ideal if your teen wants temporary pink hair

Melissa Carton

Taking one for the teens.

I know when I was a teenager, all I wanted was pink hair.

Unfortunately, my school’s dress code didn’t allow for unnatural hair colours, so if I wanted pink streaks in my hair they had to be temporary.

That usually meant using awful spray in colours that would dry out my hair and make it all knot and stick together.

Nowadays though there are no end of products that teens can use to create cool temporary colours in their hair and this week I decided to try out one to see how well it really works.

The Nak Rose Blonde shampoo has been sitting in my press for awhile as it was given to me when my hair was still red, so I couldn’t use it.

Recently I went back blonde so I was able to do a proper tried and tested on it.

To use it all you have to do is stick it in your hair like shampoo, but rather than washing it out straight away, you’ll need to leave it to sit for at least five minutes.

I stuck some in the blonde part of my hair for five minutes and then washed it out. I noticed I had missed a big chunk of blonde so I did a second round and left it another five minutes.

You can leave it on for longer depending on how vibrant you want it to be.

After drying and styling my hair this was the result.


So this is the before and after.

Rather than bright pink the Nak shampoo gives a nice rose gold effect to blonde hair, which is very on trend at the moment.

This is the result of the shampoo on white blonde hair so it might be a slightly different shade on more golden or darker blonde hair.

On my hair the tint has last a couple of washes but it may wash out of darker blonde shades quicker.

NAK HAIR Rose Blonde Shampoo is available in appointed salons and online salons,, etc rrp €17.90 (375ml).