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08th Sep 2018

8 beautiful IKEA kitchen hacks for kids (that aren’t difficult to DIY)


Designing your own kitchen is everything.

A lifetime of living in somebody else’s house (my mum) or renting (with my friend) or with my in-laws does that to a girl.

I have had a mental scrapbook of some serious home design since before I could remember.

Geometric tiles, marble effect, rose gold handles…..this is house porn at its finest. And I have spent hours drooling over it.

There is one major drawback…, money.

So in order to live vicariously through my children, I have decided to give our plain old kids IKEA kitchen a makeover.

The internet is full of wonderfully inspirational examples of mini kitchens en fleek.

1. This rose gold extravaganza will make cooking plastic chicken drumsticks a joy. Note the neat hooks, the sophisticated picture and ….those tiles.

Heart eyes.

(Image via Tootoo blog)

2. It’s not that our children are minimalist, it’s just that they break everything they touch. Maybe this time it will be different? Check out the lemon tones in this beauty.

(Image via hoping for rocket ships)

3. Faux marble surface. That is all.

(Image via better decorating bible)

4. Recreate this pop of mad wallpaper with the sheet of your choice. You can also pick up furniture paint for next to nothing. The world is your oyster when it comes to pimping your miniature child’s kitchen. (How did this become my life?)

(Image via Anchorsnhoney)

5. Pink, flowers, geometric monotone. Tick, tick and another tick. Those glasses!

(Image via live the mma)

6. Well, this one is just darling. Is that a miniature smeg? The gingham is perfection. Did we just bring it back? Drops mic.

(Image via Destinie Wilkerson)

7. One word – leopardskin. You’re welcome.

(Image via Curbly Pinterest)

8. We love this dreamy pastel kitchen. Bunting makes everything look cuter.

(Image via Miss Audrey)

If you are feeling inspired to recreate any of these kitchens you can read all about the projects here

In the meantime, I’m off to buy my leopardskin wallpaper.

Did you pimp your IKEA furniture? Send us your creations!