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06th Oct 2020

9 things to do with baby powder (apart from using it on a baby)

Trine Jensen-Burke

Did you think baby powder’s sole purpose was being dusted onto freshly cleaned baby butts?

You are WRONG.

Far from being for babies only, the sweet smelling powder can perform a whole host of tasks and duties around your house, and take care of anything from stain-removal to making sure your pets don’t smell.

In fact; here is just a few of the reasons why you should always make sure you have a bottle of talcum powder handy:

1. DIY dry shampoo
If you are out of dry shampoo – or just want to make your own just as effective and much cheaper version – baby powder is your New Best Friend. Just sprinkle on a comb and drag through your hair, focusing on the roots. The powder will soak up any excess grease and will make your hair look – and smell – freshly washed.

2. Pet shampoo
Just like it works a charm on greasy human hair, baby powder can be great for your furry friends as well. All you do is rub a handful (or two depending on the size of your pet) into the fur, let sit for a few minutes, then brush out any left-overs. Great for eliminating dog-smells!

3. Help remove sand
If you have spent the day at the beach or in a sandpit with your toddler, baby powder is great for helping brush off the sand effectively.

4. De-tangle jewellery
If you have bracelets or necklaces that have become nothing but a tangled mess, reach for the baby powder. Sprinkle a bit on the chain and just watch the kinks and knots come undone.

baby powder

5. Remove grease stains
If you happen to get grease on clothing or a favourite tablecloth, just apply a sprinkling of baby powder to a cotton ball and dab at the grease. Rub into the stain and brush off any leftovers. Repeat until grease is gone and then wash as normal.

6. Freshen up smelly shoes
Forget about the expensive stuff you buy in shops. Some baby powder will soak up any moisture and kill stubborn odors, making your shoes smell like new again.

7. Cool your sheets
This one is perfect for for hot summer nights – and the reason you should always pack some baby powder when you are heading to hotter climates. If you sprinkle just a bit of baby powder between your sheets a few minutes before you retire for the night, you’ll enjoy a much cooler night’s sleep. Genius.

8. Plump eye-lashes
Save money on expensive serums and plumping products and just DIY your lashes thicker with some baby powder. Simply dust a little powder on your lashes with your finger, and put on mascara as usual.

9. Treat squeaky floors
Squeaky floors can be a total nuisance, but rest assure that the problem is solvable in no time with baby powder. Simply sprinkle a little powder between floor boards and make sure to sweep into every crack.