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09th Feb 2020

Fries before guys: 5 fab tips for the perfect Galentine’s get-together

Trine Jensen-Burke

Valentine’s Day is all well and good, but ladies, we think it’s also the perfect occasion to celebrate all the fabulous girls in your life.

So gather your best gal-pals, pop open the bubbly and embrace the fastest-growing trend – Galentine’s – a celebration so feminine and fabulous it might forevermore bypass Valentine’s Day.

Or, if you are the mama of a little girl, why not let her invite all her gal-pals for the ultimate girly celebration.

Here are our top five tips hosting your very own Galentine party:

1. Get your e-invites right

These days, WhatsApp and iMessage have both made snail mail rather redundant. So, save on paper and send around a sweet e-invite for your girly bash instead.

There are lots of perfectly themed Galentine’s templates to find on Pinterest – we couldn’t help giggle at this printed one, though:

(Image via

2. Brunch and Bubbles

When it comes to your party, we think it is hard to go wrong with a fabulous boozy brunch. Not only will this ensure that you have all afternoon to chit chat and drink Prosecco, it is also more fun and less formal to get together over something that isn’t a three-course dinner.

(Image via

3. Get your menu right

Brunch is such a fun way to entertain, and often lets you be a little more creative than you would be with a full-on dinner. How about setting up a bagel bar – and let everyone help themselves to toppings?

Or, do the same with yoghurt and granola – all you need is a few different types of yoghurt (make sure you include some dairy-free options like soy yoghurt) and loads of fresh fruit, nuts, granola and maybe even some roughly chopped dark chocolate.

(Image via

4. Beverages

Two words, ladies: Mimosa bar.

Seriously; brunch and mimosas go together, and this continues your DIY theme from the bagel- or granola bar. Only your imagination (and budget) is stopping you here, but Pinterest is your best planning friend – and will yield heaps of tempting and gorgeously inspirational ideas for your very own mimosa bar.

(Image via Pinterest)

5. Go ALL out with decor

Again, you are only stopped by your budget and inspiration on this one – but a good place to start is fresh flowers, a beautifully laid table and some heart-shaped balloons and confetti.

Make it personal by using name cards, and for the day that’s in it, there is nothing wrong with going over-the-top with both pom-pom’s and tassels either – go on; you (and your gal-pals) are worth it!

(Image via

So what did we miss? Send us in your ideas and get planning! Those Mimosas won’t drink themselves. 

(Feature image via Love Sweat Fitness)