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24th Nov 2019

Holidays are coming: 10 bargain buys to make your spare room Christmas-guest ready

Trine Jensen-Burke

make your spare room Christmas-guest ready

Having guests come stay with you this festive season?

Then why not give your guest room (or spare room) a cozy makeover ahead of their arrival?

There is just something about a super-cozy room that will have people feel so totally wanted and welcome to your home.

And fear not – all this does not have to cost a fortune. Just take a look at these bargain buys from H&M Home below – and tell us you wouldn’t like to come stay in a room like this yourself?!

1. Faux fur blanket

Add some gorgeous texture and all the winter hibernation feels with this totally gorgeous faux fur blanket.


2. Waffled dressing gown

Hang a couple of fresh, new dressing gowns at the back of the door of your guest room, letting your guests know they can get comfy and cozy while in your home.


3. Flannel duvet cover set

Nothing, nothing beats sleeping in cozy flannel in the winter.


4. 2-pack guest towels

Fresh towels just for your guests are a nice touch.


5. Carafe with a stopper

Make sure your visitors won’t be thirsty in the middle of the night by providing them with a carafe (and tumbler) on the night stand. Refill with fresh water every day.


6. Cotton percale pillowcase

Because extra pillows just feel so totally hotel-like.


7. Cotton duvet cover set

Add some festive flair to your guest room with this duvet cover set.


8. Scented candle in a glass jar

I always add a candle to the night stand when guests are coming to stay, but keep in mind, keep the scent rather neutral, as any strong scents can be more irritating and uncomfortable than lovely and luxurious.


9. Cotton canvas cushion cover

All the festive feels you need with this fab cushion, perfect for scattering on the bed.


10. Ribbed wool-blend blanket

No-one is going to be chilly in your house – make sure you add some extra blankets to the room, so guests can add to the bed on a cold night.