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01st Feb 2020

Mrs Hinch just shared the super-clever way she cleans her beauty blender (and we are impressed)

Trine Jensen-Burke

Mrs Hinch beauty blender cleaning hack

She is our go-to woman for all things cleaning and organising.

So really, it should come as a surprise to no-one that it took Sophie Hinchliffe (AKA Mrs Hinch) to teach us how to properly clean our beauty blenders too.

And it is actually so beautifully simple (and probably way more effective than all the different ways we have been doing it put together).

After having put out a question to her more than three million(!) Instagram followers asking for the best way to clean her makeup sponges, the Essex-based hairdresser-turned-social-media-queen decided to try the most popular method and seriously; why has no one taught us this before?!

Keen to learn more? All you need, apparently, is a washing machine, a sock and a hairband.

Now what?

Get your sock (here is where all those stray kids’ socks come in handy, mums!) and put your grubby beauty blender(s) inside. Use the hairband to tie it up and now just bundle it into the washing machine with whatever else you are washing on a coll-ish wash.


What?! Yes, for real. Mrs Hinch kindly shared the entire experiment on her Instagram stories, and just take a look:

Just take a look at the before and after, and tell us this isn’t super impressive:

BEFORE (grubby, filthy sponges full of makeup):

And then – TADA:

Out come these clean and almost-good-as-new Beauty Blenders:

Impressive? We know!