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13th Dec 2017

One of Instagram’s most stylish users… is just seven years old


Orlaith Condon

We’ll never be this cool.

When it comes to Instagram style inspiration, we’re never short of options.

Yes, the app is jam-packed with fashionable users, however, this one, in particular, has become our ultimate style inspo.

Coco Pink Princess is our newest Instagram obsession thanks to her killer eye for mixing street style with preppy pieces.

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We’re double-tapping every post from the stylish influencer… and she’s just seven years old.

Yep, Coco is just seven years old and hails from Harajuku in Japan and already has nearly 430,000 followers on Instagram.

Curating an array of incredibly fierce looks, Coco has spent the two years since beginning her account honing her style.

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And there’s a formula for her impeccable outfits. Coco first starts by picking a theme for her outfit with her dad before digging into her wardrobe to find the appropriate pieces.

She’ll often try to include her favourite colour – light purple – and her favourite item from her wardrobe – her purple faux fur coat.

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We’re taking notes, Coco.