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12th Aug 2018

Penneys picks: 12 pieces from the new lingerie range that are seriously sexy


Orlaith Condon

We can’t choose.

Ah Penneys – not a day goes by that we don’t spot something that we have to purchase.

Yes, you’re responsible for the majority of our spending each month and we’re totally OK with that.

On today’s shopping list? Well, it’s only their latest lingerie range.

Over the years, Penneys have upped the ante across the board when it comes to new releases and the underwear section has not been neglected.

From beautiful bodies to seriously sexy sets, there is enough choice to keep your knicker drawer fully stocked all year round.

And now their latest drop has us doing a clearout to make space for some new pieces.

Here are 12 we will most certainly be purchasing.

1. Bra – €10, Bottoms – €4

2. Body – €13

3. Bra – €8, Bottoms – €4

4. Body – €15

5. Bra – €10, Bottoms – €5

6. Body – €13

7. Bra – €10, Bottoms – €4

8. Body – €13